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Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Diocese of New Ulm

New Ulm  +5073544158 

The Church of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm, MN, was built in 1890. On November 18, 1957, it was announced that this church was to be the new Cathedral for the Diocese of New Ulm that had been created by Pope Pius XII in southern Minnesota. Bishop Alphonse Schladweiler was ordained the first bishop of the new diocese in this Cathedral on January 30, 1958.

A German baroque influence can be seen in the interior decorations, done in heavy dark colors and gold leaf. The walls of the Cathedral contain numerous paintings of saints and religious scenes from the life of Jesus and the saints. In the sanctuary there is a painting of the Trinity and the 12 apostles. The original artist commissioned to decorate the church was Alexander Schwendinger who was assisted by Christ Heller and Anton Gag.

New Ulm

605 N. State Street, New Ulm, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika