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Cattedrale Daeheung-dong Cathedral

Diocesi di Daejeon

Daejeon  +82426307740 

The Cathedral of Diocese of Daeajeon. The church was built in Mok-dong, Daejeon on November, 1919 with the name of “Parish of Daejeon” and changed its name to “Parish of Daeheung-dong” in the occasion of moving to present location. The Patron is St. Josesh the Worker. On March 8th 1948, the Holy See found an Apostolic Prefecture for the Province of Chungcheongnamdo and nominated His Excellency Andrien-Joseph Larribeau, M.E.P. as the first Ordinary for the mentioned Ecclesial Circumscription. On June 23rd 1958, as the Holy See elevated the Apostolic Prefecture of Daejeon to the state of Apostolic Vicariate, the parish of Daeheung-dong became a Cathedral for the new Apostolic Vicariate.


471 Daejong-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon-si, KOREA, Daejeon, Südkorea