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The Jubilee Volunteers will be both Italians and men and women of other nationalities, 18 years or older, who want to assist the pilgrims coming to Rome from every part of the world.  They are asked to volunteer for at least a week (or 4 days for the major events).  The Volunteers will welcome pilgrims at several meeting points, providing information about the services available to pilgrims; they will accompany pilgrims on the pathways designated specifically for them to reach the Papal Basilicas, helping them to remain in prayer in the Basilicas with the proper focus, without distractions, and at the times and in the ways planned ahead of time.  Finally, the Volunteers will be of assistance in whatever other services may be necessary.  Volunteers should know how to speak more than one language in order to be able to help pilgrims from other countries, but they should also all speak a sufficient amount of Italian to be able to comunicate with the supervisors of the volunteers, the other volunteers, and the Italian Public Security Forces.

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