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Metropolitan Cathedral of Most Precious Blood

Diocese of Westminster

London  +442077989055 

The Cathedral is the mother church of the Catholic community in England and Wales. It was commissioned by Cardinal Herbert Vaughan and built by in the Neo-Byzantine style by John Francis Bentley. It was completed in 1903 and consecrated by Cardinal Francis Bourne in 1910.

Open Hours
Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 7pm
Sunday 7am to 7.45pm.

Times of Liturgical Celebrations
Mass: Sun (Vigil 6pm), 8, 9, 10.30, 12noon, 5.30pm and 7pm. Mon-Fri 7, 8, 10.30, 12.30pm, 1.05pm, 5.30pm; Sat 8, 9, 10.30, 12.30pm. Holy Days of Obligation (Vigil 5.30pm), 7, 8, 10.30, 12.30pm, 1.05pm, 5.30pm. Public Holidays: 10.30, 12.30pm, 5pm. Divine Office: Morning Prayer Sun 10, Mon-Fri 7.40, Sat 10. Evening Prayer Sun 3.30pm, Mon-Fri 5pm, Sat 5.30pm. Public holidays: Morning prayer 10

Hours for Confession
Sat 10.30-6.30pm, Sun 11-1pm, 4.30pm-7pm, Mon-Fri 11.30-6pm, Public holidays 11-1pm


Cathedral Piazza, London, Royaume-Uni