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St Mary's Cathedral


Middlesbrough  +441642597750 

The first Church of St Mary was built in the oldest part of the town in 1848. Later it was demolished to make way for a larger church (1876-78). With the creation of the Diocese of Middlesbrough in 1878, this became the Cathedral. with the movement of population, the building became redundant in the 1990s. Fire destroyed the building in 2000. Cathedral status has been transferred to a new Cathedral in Coulby Newham in 1986. This fan-shaped Cathedral was conceived by Bishop Harris, the fifth bishop of the Diocese.

Open Hours
Weekdays 7.15am - 1pm 5pm - 7pm
Weekends 8am - 12midday 4pm - 6pm

Times of Liturgical Celebrations
Holy Mass 6.30pm Vigil, 10am &5pm (Sundays)
Weekdays Mon 6.30pm. Tues 9.15am. Wed 9,15am
Thurs 6.30pm. Fri 7.15am 12 midday. Sat 9.15am.
Benediction Wed 6pm
Exposition Sat 9.45am - 11am

Hours for Confession
Saturday 9.45am - 10.30am. 5pm - 6.15pm
Also at request.

Other Information
We also have a prayer group that meets every Monday at 7pm and devotions to the Stations of the Cross during Advent and Lent.


Dalby Way, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, Royaume-Uni