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Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Archdiocese of Mother of God in Moscow

Moscow  +74992523911 

Largest Catholic cathedral in Russia. Built 1901-1911 as a parish church for the Polish community in Moscow. Confiscated by the communist government and looted in 1938, returned to the Church in 1996, re-consecrated December 12th 1999. Since February 11th 2002 - the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Mother of God in Moscow.

Open Hours
Daily 7:30 -20:30

Times of Liturgical Celebrations
MASSES Sunday: Russian 10:00, 11:45 (for children), 17:30, 20:00; Polish 8:30, 13:00; Spanish 14:30; English 15:00; Armenian Rite 15:30; Extraord. Latin Rite 10:30
Weekdays: Russian 8:00, 9:00, 19:00; Polish 18:00 (exc. Wed. Russian 18:00, Fr. Vespers in Russian 18:00, Mass 19:00; Sat. Latin (Ord. Rite) 17:30.
Eucharistic Adoration daily 9:45-11:00 (Tue. 19:45-20:45, Thu. 9:45-17:45)

Hours for Confession
15 min. before each Mass

Other Information
The cathedral has one of the largest pipe organs in Russia. The acoustics make concerts here an experience to remember. More information on the concerts:


Malaya Gruzinskaya 27/13, Moscow, Russland