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Shrine Our Lady of Joy Abbey 嚴規熙篤會(聖母神樂院)

Diocese of Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR  +85229876292 

Our Lady of Joy Abbey, which belongs to the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, had been set up for more than 60 years. The monks inside the Abbey follow Benedict spirituality. They are leading a strict, simple, quiet, natural community life. They witness God’s salvation and pray for the whole world by singing, fasting, hard work and sacrifices.

When one sets foot on the pier, one begins a long journey uphill: Way of the Cross. After the 14 stations, one can pass through the blue Bridge of Perpetual Help, leading to the Chapel which is the centre of prayers and meditation. The construction and decoration of the Chapel is simple and natural. It aims at leading all visitors to God alone: to meet and experience Him, listen to His merciful words, pray to Him and open up ourselves to His great love in silence.

Hong Kong SAR

Tai Shui Hang, Lantau Island, Hong Kong SAR, China