Marian Jubilee: The Icon Salus Popoli Romani in Saint Peter's Square

29-09-2015 PCPNE

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After the summer break, the commissions charged with organizing the major events of the Jubilee of Mercy have recommenced their work.  On September 22, the working group for the Marian Jubilee met.  The order of the day was to spell out the plans for the upcoming Jubilee on October 7-9th, 2016.  On Friday, October 7, particular importance will be given to the recitation of the Rosary, which will also be recited daily in Saint Peter's Square.  In the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, the Marian Jubilee will open with a Solemn Mass.

After these two events, a "Night of Reconciliation" will take place: the three Jubilee churches will be open beyond their usual hours for the confessions of the pilgrims.  On the afternoon of Saturday, October 8, a solemn prayer vigil is planned, to be led by Pope Francis, with the icon Salus Popoli Romani present.  Finally, the highlight of Sunday will be participating in Mass with the Holy Father at 10:00 a.m in Saint Peter's Square.  Preparations are in full swing, and every member of the working group has the task of spreading information about the plans to those involved in promoting Marian piety, so that this information will arrive at even the most distant sanctuaries.